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红 房 间, 白 房 间, 黑 房 间
5 & 6 December 1997

Stage Pals' 1st production, "Rooms For Rental?" was held on 5 & 6 December 1997 at the Chinese High School Drama Centre. For those who missed the opportunity to watch the wonderful Mandarin play, it was a real pity. The 2-night performance was truly a showcase of talents, both on-stage & behind-the-stage. Most of the audience were impressed by the simple yet touching storyline & the cast's excellent portrayal of the characters in the story.

The story revolved around a young mother's search for the father of her child & the friends she encountered in the process. In addition, the play exploited the unique rotary-stage concept to its best.

During the opening night, there were audiences coming from all walks of life & even guests from across the Causeway, who came specially just to catch the production. They were certainly very glad to be invited & commented that it was a trip well worth it. 3 cheers for Stage Pals!




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