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Chinese Synopsis
Is Darkness Dangerous?
Darkness brings the best sight. Photographers create an environment of absolute darkness to bring out the image captured in the film and printed on paper in the process of development. Ironical as this may sound, darkness does reveal.

An ignorant and helpful photographer, Sam, on a return trip from Amsterdam to London, brings home a bear filled with drug. The soft toy draws attention from innocent children as well as drug smugglers. After the mysterious loss of the bear, various guests, made up of three crooks, began to visit and lure Sam's visually-handicapped wife into telling them the bear's whereabouts. Each with their unique characteristics, the three crooks symbolise a range of human deepest thoughts and motives while they plot and scheme their way into the couple's household and private life. For them, the search for drug and money is just a struggle for the survival of the most ruthless.

Their plot would not have been feasible without the underlying tension of distrust, pride and vulnerability between the couple. The wife readily swings into paranoia every time there's a break in her routine such as a change in the way things are placed at home. It doesn't help that Suzy, the wife, prefers to approach strangers instead of a familiar yet much resented female neighbour for help. She is handicapped more by her pride than her blindness.

The relationship between husband and wife is subjected to a test here. Trust, and the breach of it- brings totally different consequences. The same applies in the relationship among the crooks.

While Suzy and the crooks try to outwit each other through their schemes, they also take turns to become the ignorant party- the one who is in the dark. Sometimes the one who is deemed vulnerable may not be the most ignorant one. They may know exactly just where danger lurks. The blind can lead or mislead the blind, at times.

When is one truly comfortable in the dark? Perhaps only when one is truly blind.

Darkness experienced by the eyes is not quite the same as darkness filled in the heart. "Wait Until Dark"
is a play about exposing of the darkness in human heart. A heart filled with greed, selfishness, suspicion, jealousy, fear, deception and pride.

To be in the dark is to be ignorant, but darkness also exposes and reveals hidden truths. It all depends on how darkness is used, it may be the ideal condition for some and absolute no-no for others. The play seeks to explore the state of 'darkness' in different contexts. Catch the production for a thought-provoking experience. The play is adapted from an English play written by Frederick Knott.



從阿姆斯特丹公干回國的山姆,好意的幫一名婦人把一只玩具熊帶給醫院里的小病 人,卻不知危机隨著玩具熊一齊帶回原本安宁的小鎮。玩具熊還沒送到小病人的手 里就离奇的失蹤了,而小鎮上又突然發生謀殺案。小鎮居民人心惶惶,虎視眈眈的 歹徒也蠢蠢欲動。

三名各怀鬼胎的歹徒分別潛入山姆的家企圖找尋并偷取失蹤的玩具熊。山姆瞎眼的 妻子,蘇絲,獨自在家。雖然她看不見也對所發生的事一無所知,卻察覺到陌生人 的存在也嗅到了危險的气息。習慣了黑暗的蘇絲在黑暗中比任何人都靈活。只有在 黑暗中,對她來說才是唯一的有利環境。她該怎么做才能反敗為胜呢?

眼睛所看到的黑暗不等于心靈深處的黑暗。此劇希望通過對人性的貪婪,自私,疑 心,嫉妒,害怕和自欺的了解而帶出了人心靈深處的黑暗,達到發人深省的目的。 本劇導演是擁有几十年舞台經驗的資深導演兼演員的黃奕磊。此劇改編自一部英國 同名角本。在營造的懸疑气氛下,不到最后時刻,不會知道真正的主謀是誰。最親 密的人隨時都有可能是最危險的人。

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