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rooms for rental? :: 5 & 6 dec 1997
Stage Pals' 1st production, "Rooms For Rental?" was held on 5 & 6 December 1997 at the Chinese High School Drama Centre. For those who missed the opportunity to watch the wonderful Mandarin play, it was a real pity. The 2-night performance was truly a showcase of talents, both on-stage & behind-the-stage. Most of the audience were impressed by the simple yet touching storyline & the cast's excellent portrayal of the characters in the story. The story revolved around a young mother's search for the father of her child & the friends she encountered in the process. In addition, the play exploited the unique rotary-stage concept to its best. During the opening night, there were audiences coming from all walks of life & even guests from across the Causeway, who came specially just to catch the production. They were certainly very glad to be invited & commented that it was a trip well worth it. 3 cheers for Stage Pals!

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shades of love :: 16 & 17 jul 1999

This is Stage Pals' 2nd attempt at staging a large-scale production and it is one of the big milestones for the group. This was an original play written by our very own talented pool of scriptwriters. The music and theme song of the play were also original compositions. The play depicts the true-to-life love encounters of 3 modern working ladies. Though these 3 good friends are of totally different personalities, they have all fallen into the complex web of love. See how their love lives weave together creating sparks and tension giving the word 'LOVE' a whole new meaning. This play appealed not only to teenagers but also to young adults, single or married. The production entitled "Shades of Love", was held on 16 & 17 July 1999 at the Drama Centre. Click here to visit the "Shades of Love" official website.


wait until dark :: 3 & 4 nov 2000

A series of murder happened at Notting Hill Gate after Sam returned from Amsterdam with an ordinary teddy bear. Unknown to him, his blind wife, Susy, will be the next victim. Will she survive the ordeal unscathed? Who is/are the murderer(s)? What is the motive?

"Wait Until Dark"
is a thriller originated from Europe.

The millennium production came to light on 3 & 4 November 2000 at the Drama Centre. Wait no more, visit the "Wait Until Dark" official website now.

Don't be kept in the dark!

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a double bill production :: 14 & 15 dec 2001
"A Double Bill Production" was staged at the Drama Centre and was a joint production between Stage Pals and Singapore Yi Lien Drama Society. Two original plays produced by two drama groups to give you double the entertainment.


It is a production which sincerely talks about what men and women in love do for, and to each other. Neither mundanely romantic nor erotically sexual in its exploration, the theme of honesty in relationships is discussed in several dimensions.

For your rejection, please

It speaks of the nuisances of a rejected heart struggling for tomorrow's acquiescence.

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